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Miss Tiffany Cock Worship Dick Sucking Fantasy Porn Video Tube

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Some girls like money. Some girls like muscles. Miss Tiffany likes guys who suck other guy’s cocks.
You're not the hottest, or the richest. But you can still make me want you. I'm going to show you how to suck a cock like a good little boy that you are that way you can go out and make me a little money sucking dick. How does that sound baby? I bet it sounds really good.
I'm going to show you how to shove this cock down your throat over, and over and over again. This dick is big, black and going to make you gag like the horny little boy that you are. Are you ready to be my little cock sucker? I bet you are. Crawl your ass over here on your hands and knees and get ready to get a dick in your mouth.
-Miss Tiffany

Think about some juicy cock while I have a smoke

Sinstress Cock Sucking Fantasy Femdom POV Porn

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Sinstress needs a smoke break. Mistress demands that you take it with her.
Ready to take a smoke with me, loser? Get out your Virginia Slims and get ready to smoke. Slide that cig between your sweaty lips and take a nice, hot drag. Mmm. Doesn't that taste good? I know how much you love to watch me smoke. I love to watch you smoke too.
I love all of my little slaves. I love that you love to watch me play. But tonight I have a very special assignment for you my pretty sissies. Keep smoking. I need you to get as sissified as possible. I want you to put on the prettiest little outfit you can find and show it to me. Pick something out that turns you on so much you can't stand it. Get hot for me and I'll get off for you.
- Sinstress

Im going to make your ass hurt

Mistress Selena Cock Worship Dildo Sucking Deepthroat Made to Suck Made Gay Porn Tube Video

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Curvy and emasculating brunette Mistress Selena teases you and humiliates you, readying you for a dildo. She wants to bury her dildo deep in your ass and mouth to train you for the real thing!
I hope you are happy that I am being nice enough to make you fuck and suck a smaller dildo. I could be using the Ass Ripper 9000 on you. I have fucked cocks much bigger than this so you should be thankful, you fucking pussy sissy boy. But you are about to get lucky. I am going to ass fuck you and mouth-fuck you with this big black dildo.
I want you to deepthroat a dildo much bigger than this, but that will be another day, I don't think you are ready. You will worship this cock deep and hard until I tell you to stop. I want you to take this dido deep in your mouth until your mouth touches the balls. Now it is time to punish your asshole with it... You know you love it.
- Mistress Selena

Let’s work on stretching that little mouth

Miss Tiffany Cock Worship First Time Blowjob Make You Gay Porn Tube Video

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Cute and petite brunette Miss Tiffany dominates you with a man-size dildo. She wants you to suck it and stretch your mouth out, so you will be ready for the real thing.
I have a small dildo to get you started. You have been dreaming of sucking cocks before and this will help get you ready. This is the smallest you will ever have. It might look big to you, but it’s not. From now on I’m going to make you suck dildos that are much longer and thicker. I want it to fill your entire mouth until your lips stretch completely over it.
I love to watch you struggle to get this entire dildo in your mouth. This is good practice for when you go out and suck real dick. This dildo will help stretch your mouth out so you can get bigger and bigger cocks inside of it. I want you to try to stick it all the way down your throat without gagging. Make Mistress happy sissy boy and worship that cock.
- Miss Tiffany

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