Put on my lingerie and get ready to suck

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Sinstress smokes a cigarette while she orders you around. She wants you to put on lipstick so she can train you to be a good sissy cock sucker.
You need to learn to suck cock like a pro so I’m going to show you. First you have to put on your lipstick and some nice female lingerie so you will look more like the sissy that you are. Guys always like a well dressed slutty female. You are now ready for your cock sucking training. Take that cock deep down your throat balls deep. Keep your lips tight around that cock as you suck it hard.
Learn to take every inch of that cock down your throat. You have to do it without gagging though, this is the hard part. A good cock sucker doesn’t gag, they just take it all the way deep down their throat. You have to be a good whore and worship the cock the way I tell you to. You will give a nice sloppy blowjob on a big cock you sissy whore because I am your Mistress and it is my wish.
– Sinstress

Tonight I make you my little sissy girl

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Alura Jenson is a hot blonde Mistress with huge tits. She just found panties in your drawer so it is time to be humiliated like the sissy you are. Looks like you will be sucking a guy’s dick tonight!
I found panties in your drawer and I want to know who they belong to. Shut up and take your pants off. Oh my God! Why the fuck do you have panties on? You are a fucking pervert. You know what? I’m going to teach you a lesson. You like being a woman so much, why not just suck some cock.
I invited my friend into the room who has a big throbbing cock. I want you to take it your mouth and suck it deep. Push your head down on to that cock until you gag. This is the only way I will ever believe you again. You hid your panties from me now you have to suck cock like a sissy girl.
- Alura Jenson

You have to take cock if you want to give cock

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Miss Tiffany is your new Mistress who you will obey, who controls you, and tells you that you can indulge your fantasies. You have to suck a guy’s cock and get fucked first though.
I know what a pervert you are and how much you look at porn. I see the way you look at me and I know you want to fuck me. I can make all your fantasies come true, but you have to do something for me first. I have a male friend coming over and I want you to suck his cock and let him fuck you.
Haven’t you ever wondered what it was like to suck a guy’s cock? Now you don’t have to wonder anymore. My friend is going to be over here in two minutes. When he gets here, I want you to suck his cock balls deep then let him fuck you deep in your ass.
- Miss Tiffany

You need to work on your cockworshiping skills

Sinstress Feminization Sissy Femdom Tube Porn

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Mistress Sinstress will see you now. She's ready to dominate you into the wee hours of the night in her black bustier.
I think you need some practice. My new boyfriends have been complaining about your lack luster cock sucking abilities. They are not acceptable. I've been trying so hard to be patient, but you need to shape up. How the fuck does it make me look if you aren't sucking up to your potential?
It's really not that difficult and I can't have all of these complaints. So tonight we're going to strap in and really suck deep to get you to the place you need to be. Don't you want to be my little pro cock sucking slave? Don't you just want to make me happier than I ever have been before? I know you do. Open wide, baby. That's not a request; it's a command. You should be practicing right now!
- Sinstress

I’ll make you suck cock at a gloryhole

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With her blonde hair and big tits you can't resist Alura Jenson. Even when she's mad at you. And you know what you will have to do to make her nice again!
Not cool babe. Not cool. I was so ready to fuck you and you sent your best friend in instead. What? You didn't think I would notice? His cock was way bigger than yours. You so owe me now. I'm going to take you to this bath house down the road and make you suck a dick for me. That's right. You're going to suck a cock just for me.
But not just any cocks. Cocks from holes in the wall. Don't think you can handle it? Well I'm going to show you how. I've always wanted to see a cock in your mouth and now that you've made your friend fuck me I'm going to make you suck this cock whether you like it or not. And trust me, you will fucking like it.
- Alura Jenson


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